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Flyer Package

  • Free standing (not inserted and lost inside larger flyer or wrap like with weekly newspapers)

    • ie. postcard or tri-fold flyer would sit on top of larger flyers in package and be the first thing people see (leading to a better response rate for your flyer).  A definite advantage for a one-off flyer that people aren’t actively looking for.

  • Package size (5-12 pieces on average, not 20 plus like with some weekly newspapers)

  • Trusted package including food store flyers that household decision makers looks for every week

Delivery Service

  • Experience – over 30 years in the business

  • Ability to select full coverage or target based on area, demographic or quantity (ie. put out only 2,000 flyers)

  • Ability to rotate coverage over several weeks, instead of all at once. (spread out cost and response)

  • Delivered directly into mailboxes (urban & rural) or hung from door in clear plastic bag in new urban areas with Community Mailboxes, NOT thrown on porches and driveways like with some newspapers

  • Delivered on time (Thursdays)

  • Open routes get covered/filled 100% of the time

  • With Deliveries Unlimited you aren’t getting a large corporation that’s focused simply on ‘growing revenue’ – you’re getting a small family business committed to our customers, providing old fashioned customer service and doing the best job possible to help our customers grow their revenue. This is how we’ve competed and succeeded against the big newspaper giants for over thirty years, by providing consistently superior quality delivery and customer service.


  • We offer very competitive volume based rates, with even our base rate being less than ½ that of Canada Post Unaddressed Admail.

One Stop Shopping:

  • With the addition of our print services, we can be the single point of contact for all of your advertising material from start to finish, including layout/design, printing, targeting recommendations and of course distribution.

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